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Andre Cavasier is a Brooklyn Ny Based Hairstylist known for being the jack of all trades. He started his hair journey at 14 doing weaving extensions for just $25. It was a hobby for him but he wanted it to be a bit more than that and so in 2010 he made the choice to never go on another job interview and be his own boss. Creating business cards and setting affordable prices he began to perfect his craft by working on tons and tons of ladies.

Staying on top of his game and creating Custom Colors and Wigs has built a great name for Cavasier. Attention grabbing transformations has also played a big part in building his name so he went with it creating a Wig Line. His specialty includes Realistic Sew in's and his infamous Classic Silky Middle Part Units.

In 2014 Andre received one of his big breaks by becoming the Hairstylist of Celebrity Rapper Remy Ma. At the age 18, Andre was introduced to the hair industry. While on the set of  television shows, magazine and video shoots, he realized this is what he wanted to do and become a BOSS while doing so. With the help of Remy Ma, Andre has styled at the BET AWARDS,VMAS,SOUL TRAIN AWARDS AND even the GRAMMYS. He hopes that his career brings uplifting influence in and out of the industry and shows he's just as relatable as you and your never to young to be your own BOSS.

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